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Mother Has Highly Possible Dermatitis Herpetoformis With Elevated Dgp Screening

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Hello once again good people! 


AS with my quest for a diagnosis, I asked my mother which has suffered so many rashes in her buttocks for a long time to be tested too.


When the dermatologist saw the skin condition in the aforementioned body part, she was exclaiming that in appearance, symptoms (very itchy and needed to be scratched) and duration (lasting for more than 20 years now)  it is highly probable Dermatitis Herpetoformis.


The doctor took a sample for tests and will come back after 2 weeks.


Because of that I had my mother tested for DGP screen too. She came with 7.5 UmL,  10 plus being positive.


This is the Philippines by the way where we dont really eat a lot of breads and other gluten containing products as much as in the west (main carb source being rice). But I think that's pretty high already for Anti Deamidiated Gliadin Protein right? I mean its just shy of 2.5, this with an exposure to gluten that isn't too high. She rarely eats bread and her main gluten sources are only the occasional soy sauce she would eat with protein based dishes.Of course there are the occasional pasta dishes as well but not too often. 


ANd what if she tested positive for DH? Is that definitive or does she need to be exposed to more gluten before testing once again for Celiac DGP Screening before it may be called so?


Will her diagnosis have a bearing in the doctor's consideration of my disease too??? I will have another blood test after ten weeks of exposure to gluten! I hope it would be enough! 


Thanks everyone! Any reply will be highly appreciated...


God Bless you all! 

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"A skin biopsy should be done on a non-affected portion of the skin near the rash when there is an outbreak. It’s not necessary to perform an intestinal biopsy to establish the diagnosis of celiac disease in a patient with DH; the skin biopsy is definitive."

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