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I have been gluten free for almost a year. I went gluten free on my own because I was having issues with my thyroid and had heard it was good to stay away from gluten. I didn't realize I had sensitivities to gluten until that time. I noticed right away I wasn't getting tired or headaches after I ate and then when I did cheat it gave me cramps and diarriah. My dr was running a bunch of tests at the time thinking I had lupus. Needless to say after only getting a diagnosis of "we don't know what is wrong but we know it's autoimmuin" I gave up on the testing for a while.

My issue right now is I know I need to start back up with the tests. Dr told me I need to test for celiac. Only problem is I have been gluten free so long that when I cheat I cramp get tired bloated ect. And it's getting worse. Yesterday I cheated... My whole family was eating donuts ... Need I say more?! Needless to say I got real sick this time and I spent all morning throwing up. I haven't ever done that before. I still cramped but it was 10x more intense. Like someone is stabbing me all around inside my stomach..... I can't even stand up.... Never had this intense reaction like this. Is hat normal? Should I be informing my dr? I have kind of just blown him off after thousands of $ on tests that went no where.

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I would let your doctor know how sick the donut made you and why you don't think you could handle two to three months of that. The biopsy only requires two to four weeks of gluten.... Doesn't sound like you would do well with that either! :(

You don't NEED to test for celiac disease despite what the doctor says. You are already following the treatment for celiac disease - the gluten-free diet - so having that label would not change your life. At the very least you have a gluten intolerance, and with an autoimmune history, chances are the intolerance is celiac disease.

Perhaps try requesting the gene test and maybe that, along with your medical history and positive response to the diet, will be enough to sign off on a probable celiac disease diagnosis.

Good luck, And i hope you feel better soon - no donut is worth all of that! :(

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