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 I was not diagnosed with Celiac until I was 63 years old. I always thought and was told I had IBS. One of my sisters has three autoimmune diseases but not Celiac. My other sister had the basic blood work done for Celiac two years ago and it was negative. I told her if they will not do gene testing then she needed to be retested every couple of years. She goes to Kaiser Permanente in Colorado and at her last appointment she asked to be retested because of my advice and the doctor said, "who made your sister a doctor," and refused to retest her. Does anyone have a online source that has a lot of credibility that I can copy and send to my sister to give to her doctor about being retested every few years. 

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On page 6 it talks about the likelihood of getting celiac disease:



Half way down is something:



Overall, it's more imprtant for kids to get retested, but adults should keep an eye out for it.

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