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Seva Restaurant In Ann Arbor, Mi

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I tried this restaurant out yesterday, after we dropped a friend at Detroit Metro airport. Everything in the restaurant was vegetarian and they had many vegan options. They have a large gluten free menu and are GIG trained. They have a dedicated toaster in their kitchen for gluten free bread. Their fries are made in a gluten free fryer. Their bread is actually gluten free AND vegan, which is a rare combination. That doesn't matter to me, but for vegans or people with egg allergies, it would be great. They get their bread from Rumi's Passion Bakery. http://www.rumispassion.com/


I got nachos made with Daiya cheese, a grilled portabella mushroom sandwich with pesto, and sweet potato fries.




Gluten free since 2/14/2010 after suffering a rare and serious complication from my gluten challenge







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