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Need Help With Genetic Testing

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Hello everyone!  Fell off the wagon and have been eating gluten for months now. I've decided to have a biopsy when I have my endoscopy(for barret's esophagus) so I know i need to keep eating gluten


anyway, my dh bought me the 23 and me dna kit and I got the results back. I am negative for  HLA DQA1 however, I am heterozygous for DQ 2.5. Would that be DQB2? is this a gene with a high chance for celiac? I also have the CTLA4 gene which says it's Hashimoto's(which I Have) but it says it's also linked with Celiac. Does having both of these genes significantly increase my chances?


I am wondering because my iron level has dropped from 70 to 26 in just 6 months.


Thank you for any help.

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