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Need Help With Food Allergy Results

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Hello everyone. I've been battling issues for 5-6 months. . A lot of stiffness in my muscles, tingling/restless legs, burning eyes, mirgraines, stiffness/burning in neck, dizziness when working out,  Right leg ALWAYS stiff, Arms feel heavy and tire easily  balance issues, right eye is dry when I wake up... you name it. I'm seeing I saw a rheumatologist last week and ran a complete panel of blood for autoimmune and vitamin deficiencies. I also got a food allergy test back from my chiropractor. I was hoping to see a high intolerance. for gluten...  :angry:..but it was  very low. Along with all dairy products... bery low. You would think those symptoms would point to spine...MRI's of neck and lumbar normal. MRI of brain normal. So here's my question..has anyone received a food allergy test and came back very low (VL) for gluten or dairy but still had a bad allergic reaction to it?


I went out Friday and Saturday night. Friday night I had both gluten and dairy...felt ok the next day. I went to workout.. felt a little dizzy..but ok. That night I went out had a burger with cheese and fries with some Jack Daniels..then boom...my arms felt stiff...fingers felt numb.. wrists felt numb. That night it felt like I had a warm..buzzing..burning sensation in my back, shoulders, and legs.  Yesterday I woke up and felt god awful. Dizzy...unbalanced.. burning in my thoracic muscles (went away a couple about an hour after waking), my head seemed to shake when rotating. It was strange. I felt tired as well. Today I feel better but not great. Eyes feel like their burning..headache..balance is poor. So obviously..something funny is going on. I was hoping it was gluten...but after that food allergy test..I'm not sure if it is :unsure: . Any advice is appreciated.

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I won't even get into the food allergy test accuracy given by a chiropractor,  but seriously, Dude, celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder not a food allergy.  Allergy tests are for allergies!  You can have a gluten intolerance and have a lactose intolerance (lacking enzymes to help break down milk lactose sugars) but that is not the same as a wheat allergy or a milk allergy (milk proteins like casein).  By the way, you can have both (for other readers). 



This is a celiac disease forum.  Most members have issues with gluten or someone in their family has issues.  We can not diagnose you over the internet.  That would be stupid and dangerous.  What we can do is to help you at least rule out celiac disease.  We have members who have gluten ataxia which is fairly new in the medical world so many doctors are not aware of it.  Heck, many still think that just malnourished children get celiac disease.  (Sorry, about digressing....)  Those celiac.com members who have "MS Like" symptoms have found that it was related to celiac disease.  Instead of affecting the gut or skin it attacks the nervous system.


Hopefully, the rhuematologist ordered a celiac disease panel!  Keep us posted on the results.  


I wish you well.   

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