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Confusion with testing for gluten challenge

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My daughter tested very positive for Celiac which was confirmed with the Endoscopy. Her doctor suggested that my wife and I get tested. 
We had thought that I may have it as well as I had been on a extremely low carb diet that one of my doctors put me on to help control my 
reflux, which a lot of issues went away shortly after going onto the diet. I checked with my primary doctor to see how long I need to do the
gluten challeng and he said to eat a normal gluten based diet for a week (what is a normal gluten based diet?)
I checked with my gastro doc and he said to eat 4 slices of bread a day for 4 weeks. The thought that I may have it came from about 2 weeks before 
my daughter was tested and I had a few glasses of Whiskey (cheap stuff) and the next day stomach cramps and many visits to the bathroom. 
Everyone passed it that I was hung over, which I have never been before. A week or two later I have even less whiskey and get sick again (black velvet whiskey)
The next day I have a piece of cake and I get sick yet again.. Not really knowing what is going on. 

My daughter gets tested and comes back positive. I start the gluten challenge and it was hell for 4 weeks. Massive fatigue comes back, 
 bruises all over again, stomach cramps (whcih were new), many visits to the bathroom (new) and socially withdrawn. 
Reading on the celiac disease foundation site they suggest a 12 week period for a gluten challenge. 

Was mine too short?
My doctor ordered 2 tests. The Tissue Transglutaminase IGA and the Gliadin Antibody IGA. 

2 days after I had stopped the gluten challenge, I feel a ton better


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I have had those same symptoms over and over throughout the years. You definitely have to have gluten in your system when taking the blood test. They're looking for an immune response. It's my understanding that you can have false negatives and still have symptoms of Celiac. Gluten Sensitivity can have worse symptoms than Celiac. Bottom line....if your body is reacting to gluten, the protein is causing a response and it is hurting your body, possibly even doing permanent damage. There is more going on than the outward symptoms. So, whatever the results are, if going gluten-free is helping, then you should do it for life. Just because our Drs don't know enough about it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. A genetic test can tell you for sure if you're Celica or if you are predisposed to becoming Celiac. If you're not yet, you can become it by taxing your body with gluten and wearing down your immune system trying to fight it.

Good luck to you.

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