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Testing Daughter

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I went gluten free 2 years ago on an elimination diet. After 6 weeks, my headaches, diarrhea, and depression disappeared. My 25 year old daughter has the same depression and headaches. She is on antidepressants but they are no longer working. We have a family history of depression. I am going with her to the doctor next week to get her thyroid checked, hypothyroid, like my mother and me, and see about a different kind of antidepressant. She did a 2 week gluten free diet and did not see any improvement. I don't think that is long enough but she would not do more. She likes gluten she says. 

I had a rast test done several years ago that said I was not allergic to wheat. Is there a test I can request to have for her to see if she is intolerant to gluten?I know it is too late for me to be tested because I am already gluten free but I would like for her to have the same relief from her depression as I do.

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Consider having your doctor ruling out celiac disease which is an autoimmune disorder and not an allergy.  Thinkabout doing some research at the University of Chicago's celiac website too. These are the celiac tests:

-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA and (tTG) IgG
-Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and (DGP) IgG
-total serum IgA and IgG (control test)
-AGA IGA and AGA IgG - older and less reliable tests largely replace by the DGP tests
-endoscopic biopsy - make sure at least 6 samples are taken
VERY IMPORTANT:  Keep eating gluten daily until ALL testing is complete or the tests can be inaccurate.  
(Source: NVSMOM -- ?)


Welcome to the forum and let us know how it goes! 




Non-functioning Gall bladder Removal Surgery 2005

Diagnosed via Blood Test (DGP IgA only) and Endoscopy: March 2013

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Osteopenia/osteoporosis -- June 2013

Allergies and Food Intolerances

Repeat endoscopy/Biopsies: Healed

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