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Stomach Gurggling, Pain, Exhaustion, UGH

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So I have allergies to shellfish and peanuts and have noticed that my sensitivity has been getting a lot worse. 

I have kept a food diary to track my dizziness/zone out moments along with my food intake. 

It all comes down to gluten. Now that I have been 4 days gluten free I feel almost 100% better. 


Except the dreaded pizza. I am an addict for pizza (Hello Pizza Anonymous) 

Despite several warnings I ordered Domino's gluten free and boy am I paying for it.

As I'm writing this I'm sitting at work doubled over in pain with my stomach gurgling. 


I plan on trying a gluten free pizza crust out of cauliflower but still. pizza.

I am also avoiding all posts about withdrawals from gluten. I'm a recovering addict (Woot!) but that also means I know how horrible this could possibly be. 


Any advice on making this transition easier??


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I had a hard time going gluten free until after indulging in something I had horrible stomach upset and diarrhea. And my diarrhea had blood in it. It was then I realized what was really going on inside that I couldn't see but was feeling. Since then I haven't had any temptations. Even cookies! Which I love. It was my light bulb moment. I think everyone needs that light bulb moment. Maybe this pizza could be yours. 

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I buy Against the Grain frozen cheese pizza and then add my own toppings. Yummy and absolutely safe. Made in a dedicated grain-free facility.

gluten-free since June, 2011

It took 3 !/2 years but my intolerances to corn, soy, and everything else (except gluten) are gone!

Life is good!



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