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Please allow me to introduce myself....

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54 minutes ago, manasota said:

Yes, I have heard others praise this cookbook; but I was reluctant to believe them.  But I believe YOU!!  I'm ordering it tomorrow.  Yea!  Thanks!!

Ian, we haven't forgotten about you!  One week to go!  Now you can count down every day by saying. "This is the LAST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.!"  Seven days!  You can make it 7 days!


Thanks Gal! I really can't praise the book highly enough. It's amazing how they figured it all out. It's very interesting reading what worked for them as well as what didn't & why. All I can say is they know their stuff! Follow their directions & you'll have no problem. I double up on the recipe for the basic flour blend & make a double batch of it each time. Get a BIG bowl for mixing them. That way I'm good to go for a while & don't have to stop & make the flour blend very often. Their flour blend really rocks!

Ian, hang in there. Just a little while to go. I like mansota's idea of "The LAST Wednesday, Thursday" & so forth. What a positive attitude this gal has eh?

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