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Hello everyone, 

I'm new to this website but I know that people have surely asked similar things on other pages but I couldn't find any forums with exactly the same thing. 

I am 21 and about 2 years ago now was when I self-diagnosed myself as celiac/gluten sensitivity. Before that I had been having EXTREME stomach pains in the upper left hand side of my abdomen, that came along with vomiting most of the time and it hurt every time I ate for days after that.  I had two friends at the time with diagnosed celiac and they seemed to have had the same pains as me. I was going to do the elimination diet at the time but felt so much better after a month that I didn't try to eat gluten and haven't since. I have had the stomach pains a few times since then (3 time in 2 years, and before I was getting them at least every month or so). Each time I had these stomach pains there seems to be an explanation that included gluten.

Well 4 days ago I had a reaction and I can't think of anything that I ate that could've possibly had gluten in it (I only ate at home). My question is, can people who have been through similar things give me some advice? What should I do? Should I try to go to the GI and get advice? I've been thinking that I should try to eat gluten for a day and see if I get that stomach pain?  Does that stomach pain sound familiar?

I guess I also hate the idea of having to always be a nuisance, I just picture myself on my honeymoon or a nice relaxing vacation having to ask for the staff to make me something gluten free and I guess I kind of hope that I misdiagnosed myself.. Is there anyone on here/anyone who knows someone that this has happened to? 

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

This is the biggest risk with self-diagnosing - that once you start to feel better and then you have a few things come up you wonder if you were wrong.  

What exactly is the pain like and how long does it last for?

Had you seen a dr. around that the time your were first having pains?  If so - maybe they have some blood work results that you could discuss with them to see if you have markers.

You could also try for the genetic testing before proceeding with anything else.    It could be quite likely that you body really does respond to gluten in a celiac manner if you have the markers - and you could view that is your solid line to not cross into the gluten containing food again.

Do you have  Dr. that you can discuss testing with for the genetic markers?   


(If you are in fact celiac and you go back on gluten - that is also risky  - some people will have elevated blood work quite quickly, and others could take months or years but not feel well in the process.) 


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