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Anti-DGP / IgA Positive

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Hello all!

So happy to have found this wonderful resource!  I've been reading through the boards and also the FAQ's to become better informed.  I'm still a little confused about my test results (sorry!).  My blood work for a number of years has shown positive for some sort of auto-immune issue, but could never figure out what.  I recently did a Celiac Panel that came back positive.

I'm now trying to understand if this is fairly conclusive for having Celiac, OR is it more along the lines of a gluten sensitivity?  From what I've read, some Celiac tests have more "weight" in determining if someone has the disease.

Deamidated Gliadin - IgA: Weak Positive / 29 (1 point from being Strong Positive)

0-20 Negative *** 20-30 Weak Positive *** Over 30 Strong Positive

Deamidated Gliadin - IgG: Negative / 9

0-20 Negative *** 20-30 Weak Positive *** Over 30 Strong Positive

tTG-IgA: Negative / 1

0-4 Negative *** 4-10 Weak Positive *** Over 10 Strong Positive

tTG-IgG: Negative / 1

0-6 Negative *** 6-9 Weak Positive *** Over 9 Strong Positive


Thank you in advance for your assistance! :)

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Welcome to the forum!  I tested like you -- barely positive on the DGP IGA while the rest of the celiac panel was negative.  My biopsies revealed a Marsh Stage IIIB which translates to moderate to severe small intestinal damage.  My main symptom was anemia which I had for decades.  So, a positive on just one of the celiac tests requires further investigation.  It is not necessary to have postive results on all of them.  That is typically the reason why doctors order the full panel.  

Were you consuming gluten daily for 8 to 12 weeks prior to the test?  If so, the next step is a visit to a GI to get an endoscopy scheduled.  Be sure four to six biopsies are taken (not just a visual check).  The GI should rule out other things to during the procedure.  

Your best best defense is to research all that you can to get the best care. 




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Diabetes -- January 2014

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