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So I've been gluten free for almost 3 months. Stomach issues cleared up after a month but my neurological symptoms have worsened. I don't have vertigo where the room is spinning, I feel like I'm dizzy and off balance. My arms and legs get tingly and my vision gets weird. Feels like I'm drunk but it's so scary. I've been to the hospital 5 times. They tell me it's probably vertigo or my bp dropping. I've been to a cardiologist who specializes in vertigo he monitored my bp, did an ekg and heart holster everything was fine. I've had my thyroid checked it was fine. I woke up Friday having one of my episodes so I threw on my shoes and went straight to my dr even though my appointment wasn't til 12. I got there and my vision was so weird and my body just felt so weak I felt like I was going to collapse, I had to open the door and call for help. I finally got someone to see something serious was going on and to finally believe me. But that was her last day so now I have to start all over with a new dr. :( anyways someone in my celiac support group suggested celiac ataxia so I called my gi and she got an Mri scheduled. So Google isn't helping can someone tell me the symptoms they have with celiac ataxia? I'm getting really scared for my health. I don't even leave my house anymore.

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Welcome!  I am sorry that you are so ill!

Three months into the gluten-free diet is not long -- especially when you are dealing with neurological issues.  Those typically are the last to heal.  Try searching through the forum about gluten ataxia.  I think there are some recent postings.  Your doctor should rule out Multiple Sclerosis too (my MIL had that and it definitely affected her vision).  Chances are it is related to celiac disease though.  

Hang in there!  Hugs! 

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I have Celiac Disease and Diabetes.  Sounds to me like you're experiencing a low blood sugar episode.  Did anyone test your blood glucose level during your hospital visit?  

When I get low, I get the drunk-wonky vision, too.  After going gluten-free, I found I had to eat more often to avoid those crashes.  I sometimes wake to a crash just like you did.  Have honey or other sweet next to bedside just in case.  If you get too low you will pass out.

Low cost blood glucose meters are available at drug stores.  I suggest you get one just to rule low blood sugar out.   

Many blessings

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