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14 month old son test results confused?

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My 14 month old son just had celiac testing done. He has had bloating, constipation, weight gain and weight loss, sores on tongue and irratability. He was on a gluten free diet for a week and symptoms seemed to improve. Receieved test results and they were normal.

IgA = 27

Lab range 20 - 100

TTG IgA ab <.1

I was just wondering if anyone had thoughts about the results.

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The resuls appear negative, but your son did not have the complete celiac panel.  He is so young.  Often the DGP IGA or DPG IGG tests are better for small children.  



i am not a kid, but I can tell you that I tested negative to the TTG IGA as well (positive on the DGP IGA), yet I biopsies revealed moderate to severe intestinal damage.  

Consider asking for the rest of the panel, or perhaps the genetic test (rules out celiac disease but does not diagnose it).  

But.....he has to be on a gluten diet (not for the genetic test).  Blood test results can be impacted by going gluten free within a few weeks.  

I wish him well!  

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