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Sorry.  I don't have the time to link to the study. It was posted here.  They did a review of about 800 medicines and only about 10-15 actually had any gluten in them.  So it likely gluten-free.  There should be an insert sheet so you could read ingredients.  You could call or email the manufacturer.  If you get a statement like " no gluten ingredients but can't guarantee blah blah blah...."  It's likely gluten-free.  They just don't test for gluten and the legal department told them to say this.  

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1 hour ago, razzle5150 said:

i read that is does have gluten but such a little amt my dr said not to worry

I personally would not trust my doctor to know if a drug is gluten free.  I can not find it on this reliable website (a pharmacist maintains it for celiacs) but maybe you can.  


 I would call the manufacturer directly.  Any amount of gluten could cause an autoiummuine flare-up.  Each person is different as to what they can tolerate.   Better to be safe than sorry!  

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