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Decreased folds in duodenum endoscopy

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So I have been gluten free for 6 years because it made me barf and very sick..... the doctors then just found the cause and said I was gluten intolerance. They did not run any tests at all but I responded very well to the gluten-free diet up until 6 months ago I became getting sick again. Dairy and fructose seem to be the trigger foods I think but the tests for them were negative.... bring on gluten-free for so long my doctor knew test won't be a 100% diagnosed because I have ate it in 6yrs.. 




The endoscopy showed I decreased  folds in my duodenum but won't my vili be fine since I haven't ate it.... I just want to figure out the problem.... 


What causes decreased folds? 

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First, I want to hare my tale.   I got sick last summer.  Abdominal pain, vomiting, hives, rashes (not DH), passing out, itching even without a rash), lost my abilty to consume lactose, pretty much anything I ate hurt to digest.  I was a mess.  I suspected gluten, but how?  My hubby did not get glutened.  I have been keeping not just me, but him safe (15 years for him).  I knew the gluten-free diet inside and out.   I suspected a glutening but wasn't sure that it really was gluten.  I rarely eat out (and did not then since I was going on vacation to my parent's house and I would not take the risk of being ill on the plane.) 

My symptoms were severe.  Weird because I presented with anemia and no gut issues when I was initially diagnosed.   My GI suspected SIBO, but I asked for him to run the celiac panel to rule out gluten as the culprit.    Yep, I was glutened.  My anitbodies were off the chart!  But what got me?  Something that my hubby never had.  That would be one product and one prescription.  I can tell you that I am not going to test them out to detemine which one got me.  Both did not have gluten ingredients.  The prescription drug was confirmed by me when I called the manufacturer.  I decided to never consume those two items again.  Maybe they were mis-labeled.  Maybe cross contamination occurred.  Who knows?  

It took me three months to heal.  Another three to regain lost weight and for those rashes and hives to calm down.  

I know you said you have been gluten free, but really check.  

Decreased folds is associated with celiac disease.  Consider asking for a celiac blood panel even though you think you have been gluten free.  

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I had the blood test done years ago and it was negative. And they said it was just gluten intolerance so I never worried about cross contamination and all that. In a way I'm hoping something will show up in my biopsies so I will watch the cross contamination and all that of it truly have celiac. I never because sick from it.. but when I do have a bite of something with gluten I'm sick..

So I'm not sure what's is going on been trying to figure it out for the last 6 months..... can the flu cause decreased folds? I haven't had the flu but it's a thought. Or sibo?  They tested me for sibo but it was negative 




I'm starting to get the impression  that this is all in my head 

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