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Question regarding the blood-tests

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So I have many symptoms that match with the ones that affect people with celiac.  
I took a blood-test 1 year ago, I only know that it came back negative, I have no clue in the actual value of the blood-test. And it was a "transglutaminas" test.

So I still believe that I may have celiac, and I have read here that the likelihood of a false negative isn't that low, since one can be "IgA deficient".  And apparently you should ask your doctor for these blood-tests:
1.Anti-gladin antibodies (AGA) both IgA and IgG
2.Anti-endomysial antibodies (EMA) - IgA
3.Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) - IgA
4.Total IgA level.

These tests sounds and looks kinda advanced . I feel that I dont have the guts to ask my doctor about these tests, because it could be something out of his/their "radar" ?
Are these tests expensive for the average health clinics?  
And also I have some anxious feelings that my doctor may think that Im crazy, since I already tested negative for that one test earlier. 
If I eat gluten for 12 weeks, and test myself for these tests is it likely that I then can conclude wheter im actually affected by celiac or not?

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Hi Julle,

Yes, 12 weeks is the recommended time to eat gluten before a blood test for celiac disease.  The DGP IgA and DGP IgG are preferable test to the standard IgA and IgG.  They are more specific.  They aren't real unusual tests, and are often included in what's a called a celiac panel. I can't say how much they would cost though.

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