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Think this is coeliac?

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18 year old male. All of this kicked off back in August where I had a straight 2 weeks of intense abdominal discomfort - bloating, cramps, extreme fatigue. I went to the doctors and she just said it was "probably a stomach virus" as by then most of the symptoms had gone away. I was fine for a few weeks, and then it came back again. I did a blood test (not sure of what, I would assume routine) + a stool test for faecal calprotectin which came back fine. Then my symptoms went away again, and then came back again. That's been the story of the last two months, waves of stomach/bowel/fatigue issues. Right now I'm awaiting results for blood tests on coeliac and thyroid. My doctor told me if these two tests come back normal then I have "IBS-A". Also, I'm not sure if the genetic component is significant but my grandmother has coeliac disease, and I think a few of my aunties and uncles do aswell, or at least some kind of lactose allergy.


Full list of symptoms I've had:

Stomach bloating/cramps

Lots and lots of burping/farting

Alternating constipation/diarrhea, very sporadic bowel movements (e.g 2-3 days of nothing, then a day of 4 bowel movements of loose diarrhea. sorry for TMI!) eventually ended up having pain I got checked for and found out I had piles. Also occasionally have mucus in stool.

Tiredness in limbs, particularly my legs feel a bit wobbly and fatigued most of the time.

Fairly regular headaches

Weight has yoyo'd up and down over the last few months

Pain in my joints and limbs (left knee when I walk, right elbow right now for no reason, woke up this morning with random pains shooting up my arms for 2 minutes then it went)

Weird 'circulation' issues like tingling in my hands and feet when I walk up a flight of stairs

And probably more I can't remember.


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Hi Thomas!  

The best way to determine whether or not you have celiac disease is to get tested:


It is very important that you continue to consume gluten daily until all testing is complete. 

Your symptoms?  Hard to say as there are over 300 of them attributed to celiac disease.  Be sure to get a copy of your test results.  Hopefully, they ordered a full blood panel and not just the screening TTG IGA.  

I wish you well.  


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Well, this is what I would recommend -- get copies of your tests.  Often, doctors just order the TTG IgA and the IgA deficiency test (a control test in this case).  The TTG is really good, but not perfect.  I should know, as I never have tested positive on the TTG tests even in follow-up testing.  Let us know exactly which tests were taken and what the ranges were.  

What about your thyroid?  Was that normal?  What about Lyme Disease (I know nothing really about it, by many members have had it).  


Keep us posted!  Hang in there.  Something is wrong!  


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