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Diversified and Knowledgeable Doctor Needed

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I am currently searching for a Doctor that can help me monitor multiple health issues. I have Celiac Disease, Hashimoto Thyroid, Vitiligo, and Pernicious Anemia. I am looking for Tri Cities, WA, Walla Walla WA, or Spokane, WA. I need someone who understands the complications each of the diseases can have themselves as well as the potential combination of issues. Someone who will monitor my bloodworm etc. but can think in gray, not just black and white.

I take Levothyroxine and have had monthly B12 injections for about 16. I take Vitamin D supplements to keep the level up. I take numerous other supplements and have been on a strict gluten-free diet for 41/2 years. I do have other food allergies too.

I do not absorb Iron well at all and have had a Hematologist monitor my Ferritin etc. It began about 6 years ago. I was having trouble with a constant dry cough and was sent to a Pulmonologist, who determined I was not getting enough oxygen to my lungs. My PCP did a lot of blood work and found I had a Ferritin level of basically 0 and Hemoglobin of 5.5. Tried mega Iron supplements with no change in level. The doctor told me to throw them away and had me begin Iron Infusions She helped me get it leveled out after a few years and now I don't need them as often. The Hematologist was the one who suspected Celiac Disease and sent me to be tested. (Please note I had been scoped up and down numerous times, swallowed a camera and still the Gastro could not find anything wrong. Never did a biopsy. He attributed my issues to IBS....)

About a year ago my most excellent Hematologist left the practice and moved far away. She was very intelligent, keen, and thought outside the box in many ways. I could count on her to test, evaluate and analyze my bloodwork. She was an excellent communicator and would research for additional information. It is difficult to explain how comfortable I was with her managing my care. I no longer feel that way and for the last year my Ferritin has been between 8 and 10.8 and the Saturation has been hovering around or below the low level. And I have not had any infusions.

Thank you!


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