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Philosophy products?

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I was just diagnosed, so I'm figuring all of this out. Does anyone know if maltodexterin found in beautify products is safe? It's listed in some philosophy lotions and I don't know if that means I can't wear them. I found another thread on here that said that most of their products are gluten free. But they didn't specifically talk about lotions -- just face cream. Anyone know?

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Beta  glucan (found that listed in Philosophy's  ingredient list).  What is that?  Anyway, I looked it up and it appears to be derived from barley or oats (and other plant sources).  Not sure how processed it is meaning if gluten is removed.  Me?  Either I  would call the manufacturer to verify or skip using this product.  There are many other lotions out there that i do not have to research, so I would take the lazier approach.  Heck, I am always crunched for time!  

I will put in a plug for Gabriel make-up products.   I use their lipstick which is certified gluten-free.  Like Karen, I just worry about what might get into my mouth.  

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