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I went in for my DQ2/DQ8 test and got the results today. However, the doctor didn't know how to interpret them and is going to call the lab to get an interpretation. In the meantime, does anyone on here know what this means? I think it is the list of the genes I tested positive for. Here is a copy of the lab report:

DRB1 DRB1*07 (DR7)
DRB1 DRB1*11 (DR11)
DQB1 DQB1*02 (DQ2)
DQB1 DQB1*03 (DQ7)
Serologic equivalent is given in parentheses.

When only a single antigen or allele is detected, it likely indicates homozygosity and is reported accordingly. However, additional testing would be required for confirmation.

Low resolution HLA typings are routinely performed by PCR-rSSO or PCR-SSP methodologies.

The version(s) of the IMGT HLA database used to interpret the HLA results is available upon request.

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