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numbnes, pins and needles... after gluten free diet

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its been more than month since my diagnosis and I can confirm: My HORRIBLE bone pain completely went away. I am taking high doses of D vitamin. I was so optimistic! I adapted to gluten free diet quite well and my life went back to normal. Untill,... my tingling in legs, hands became worse. My doctor said it is probably B12 vitamin, so i was not worried too much and she sent my blood to test for b12. I am very sad as it came back completely normal. My other blood work also came back normal, except ferritin, which is worse- 6, but hemoglobin is normal.  I am so scared what does that mean? Neuropathy? MS? Any suggestions?  I am so sick and scared what might be next.  My other problems are: fatigue (i have to take a nap every day), brain fog, numb hands or legs. I have to say it is not always on the same side of the body. I am so scared it is MS. Any suggestions what to do? Thank you for your replies. 

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Glad to hear your bone pain resolved so quickly!  

Let's realistic.  It take TIME to heal.  One month into the gluten-free diet?  Not enough time to heal.  Nerve damage takes the longest.  Most forum members will report that it takes over a year to feel really well.  

I had leg tingling, numb fingers, itchy skin (no rash), eczema areas.  All that took a year to resolve.  When glutened, those symptoms return.  My vitamin levels were normal.  Took three months for my ferritin level to hit the normal range.  My hemoglobin level bounced back much faster.  

Keep taking your naps when you can.  Your body must need them to heal.  Make sure your thyroid is working well as that can contribute to fatigue.  Remember, your hemoglobin can drop fast.  So, just one lab reading is just a glimpse or a picture for just that day.  .  One menstrual period and you could be back to square one.  This will resolve as you heal and build your ferritin level (absorb iron).  

The learning curve for the gluten-free diet is steep.  You are on a roller coaster.  You will have ups and downs because you are going to make mistakes (everyone does).  Just keep moving forward.  ?

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