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Does this sound like Celiac

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My doctor diagnosed me with celiac after vast improvements on a gluten free diet.  I wasn't educted and cut gluten before I got tested. But gluten makes me feel awful so me and my previous doctors decided not to do a gluten challenge. Before I went gluten free I was constantly bloated, irregular digestively, had joint pain, migraines which improved quickly after only cutting gluten. I have endoscopy confirmed celiac on both my mothers and fathers side of the family.  Recently I got really sick with mesenteric adenitis  (infection of abdominal lymph nodes) and got really messed up digestively from the antibiotics and medicatiob. I went to the clinc at my college (I couldn't get into my regular internist quickly) and he was convinced that I do not have celiac at all.  He said I had IBS and gave . I hadnt been as careful as I should have been with cross contamination so I think I was a little glutened and had a bad infection and that's why I had such bad digestive issues. Should I be questioning my diagnosis? I may not have the lab work but I have the symptoms and a family history. Should I just be ignoring the one doctor that told me there is no way I have celiac when three other doctors are convinced I have celiac? 

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Go get a second opinion, or even better go to the pharmacy. Buy one of the xylose breath tests. They are quite accurate these days. If that fails, ask your doctor to get sent to the hospital for a real checkup. I don't trust any one doctor for an opinion.

Take it from someone who has been to the hospital more times than he can count the past 5 years. They just might not know, don't care for their job the way they should and their patients, or just aren't great doctors.

I've had all those symptoms on the better days when glutened, and it's ranged into far worse. Good luck!

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