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At school I did a project on celiac disease in my Human Biology class. I noticed that I have quite a fair few symptoms and the physical presentation of the disease. Having had a look at my medical history all the pieces are being put together. 

Since I was 4 I've been very very underweight. I just dropped off the centiles. I can't gain weight. I've previously been on weight gain diets. I gained 4lb in a year. And that was probably because I grew 3 inches. I'm 5'7 (171cm) and about 92lb. This is the heaviest I've ever been. I was sent to the doctors who performed tests and diagnosed me with Gilbert's syndrome. Apparently the unusually raised bilirubin enzymes was what was making me about 30lb underweight. I was not tested for Celiac. I've since grown 2.5 inches since my dx of Gilbert's and not gained a single pound. 

I've also got dark rings under my eyes that makeup won't cover.. I've had these since I was about 9. My legs are twiggy and covered in keratosis pilaris which itches after I eat gluten. My hips, butt, back of arms and legs are covered in KP. My scalp itches after eating gluten. My belly is bloated. (Although the twiggy legs and big belly may just be me inheriting my mom's barrel shape) I need to go to the toilet within 90 minutes of eating gluten.My lips are constantly chapped. I struggle to concentrate and forget everything. Like my brain is foggy. I've noticed myself forgetting silly things,like my teacher's name,how to spell simple words or homework due dates. I find that I'm so tired after lunch. My legs ache after going up 2 flights of stairs. I get pins and needles real easy.

Please say I'm not being a hypochondriac. 

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Hi Ms Ordinary,

Welcome to the forum! :)

No, you are not being a hypochondriac.  You are being a sick person.  I think you should be tested for celiac disease for sure.  The testing is two steps, first a blood test for gliaden antibodies, then an endoscopy to take biopsy samples from the small intestine lining.  You need to keep eating gluten until all testing is done.

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Ms O, in addition to the good advice above, try writing down your symptoms and any observations on reactions to food etc in bullet point form prior to seeing your doctor. It's easy to forget things when you're in there and even more so if you've got any brain fog issues :)

Stay on gluten, don't be afraid to be assertive in asking the doctor to commission those blood tests and congratulations on finding this site, there's loads of great people here who can offer you help and good advice.

Best of luck! :)


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