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Elaine T.

Suffering and unsure

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I've been having mouth ulcers one after another for about 6 months now. Heartburn and dyspepsia almost everyday. Chronic constipation. Very uncomfortable, really want an answer. 

Read literature that prevalence of celiac is higher among people with recurrent mouth ulcers. Anyone has similar experience? 

Scheduled for oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy on 23/3 but doc says will only do biopsy if abnormality seen. Not sure if I should talk to my gastroenterologist about the possibility of celiac. Given that I live in Singapore, the docs are probably unsure and skeptical when I share about this disease. But im already doing an endoscopy, I really want to doc to do a biopsy of duodenum to see if it's really celiac. But not sure if my symptoms are convincing enough. Help!!! I've been suffering a lot and I want an answer 

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Here is a reputable website that discusses celiac testing which first begins with a blood test:


I can tell you that celiac disease is found at the microscopic level.  Most often there is no visual damage seen during the endoscopy.   I personally had none and had to wait for my biopsy results from the pathologist to get my diagnosis.   I can also share that the most common symptom now for adult celiacs is anemia.  No intestinal issues.  celiac disease has over 300 symptoms and some of us do not have any noticeable symptoms at all.  

Make sure you are still on a diet containing gluten or the tests will not work (8 to 12 weeks for the blood test or 2 to 4 for the endoscopy).   

Oh, any medical doctor can order the celiac test.  So, if your GI will not.....

I hope it works out for you.  



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