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I recently had a endoscope and colonoscopy and Dr. said before biopsy lab was done he suspected Celiac so said I should immediately go gluten-free. So I did and my biopsy did show abnormal and he said it was celiac but my blood tests were negative. I said I was already gluten-free when i did blood test and Dr states no concern for negative blood and states biopsy is the gold standard for testing. I wonder if I could have something else going on as well. My symptoms definitely are less but I'm still having bloating. I think im lactose intolerance too but heard this may go away. I'm confused that my biopsy is positive but blood is negative.  

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Welcome to the forum Flowerfairy! :)

You said you recently went gluten-free?  Did you know that it can take a year or more to recover from celiac damage?  Lots of people think celiac is like eating a bad meal or a temporary stomach bug, but it's not.   Celiac is an auto-immune disease and it doesn't go away.  The immune reaction should taper off in time after you stop eating gluten, but that can take weeks or months.

You are right to wonder about dairy.   Celiac disease damages the villi that make an enzyme our guts use to digest dairy sugar.  So people are often lactose intolerant for a few months until they begin to heal.

It's helpful to eat a very simple diet while healing.  Meats, veggies, eggs, and nuts are good.  Simple whole foods that are easier to digest than all the processed foods which have lots of sugars, carbs and chemicals.  Plus you don't have to read a lot of ingredients on whole foods.

Remember your gut is trying to heal so don't throw a lot of extra work at it now.  Simple, easy, whole foods are best.


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If you were already gluten free when the blood work was done then the results would be a false negative.

It does take time to heal so hard as it is you have to be patient. Do try dropping the dairy for a while and read the Newbie 101 thread at the top of the Coping section. It will have a lot of good info for you. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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