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Good Evening,

I haven't had any testing done for allergies to gluten, but I have a strong feeling that there is some connection to symptoms and ailments  I have had at various points in time.  I'm a 37 year old male in the UK and any comments on this post will be most welcome.

Symptoms I think are related:

* Rashes/Skin issues - I can remember having bad skin at school (weak etc) but skin issues worsened a lot at 15+.  At age 22 after being bounced around doctors for years I was eventually diagnosed with Rosacea.  I had flushed cheeks and an inflamed nose on left side with an enormous fluid filled blister that would keep coming back (really confidence destroying) - I have seen some pictures of Dermatitis herpetiformis  blisters that looked the same.  At the same time I had a sore itchy rash under both armpits and frequently on upper thighs..... to top it off I also had a lot of warts on my hands and toes. Fun times.   I still get flushed cheeks and, my nose sometimes  feels sore but after taking Roaccutane thankfully the blister on my nose never returned.  I have however had rashes on my hands alot and also about three times last year I got lots of little fluid filled blisters lining the sides of my fingers that look like pictures of Dermatitis herpetiformis ... and one has just appeared again.

* I have been getting a lot of headaches, migraine types for years.

* Nasal - sinus problems predominantly right sided.

* Psychological - OCD and probably depression.   Not diagnosed but I did I try to get help but it was not easy.  I have obvious issues, and it has caused me no end of problems all my life.  My brother has these issues too (other family members seem ok). 

* Gastro - Often found I was gassy and frequently had poor stools etc.

* Beer/Lager - When it was typical to go out drinking during college years (16-18) I felt abysmal and physically ill (bones would ache, shaking etc) with bad bowel movements after drinking beer and lager to the point after a few years I stopped drinking totally.  I assumed it was just a hangover at the time.  However I started drinking again a few years ago but wine instead, and although if I drink enough I'll get a hangover and feel sick if I've had an excessive amount it doesn't feel like I've been poisoned as with beer.  Two years ago I was at a friends 'stag party' and ended up drinking beer and lager instead.  I was the one in the fittest condition at the end of the night getting people back to the hotel etc etc yet I was the one up at 5 am feeling cold, shaking and having to sit rocking in the shower.  Just seems a big difference.

* I also had Gynaecomastia .

* I look really, really young for my age.  Hard for me to see as I think I look tired, and it's not like I can't grow stubble.  It's a bit of a problem.  It's like my face just looks young, way it's formed, bone structure etc.  Not good.... because of this and having gynaecomastia I wonder if gluten caused me issues during puberty.


I've tried to cut out gluten these past few weeks, though I have eaten foods that may be cross contaminated. I've noticed my skin feels a little better, I'm not gassy and bowl movements are better and I've had far fewer headaches and I haven't noticed nasal issues as much.

Does this sound like it could be gluten related?  If it was a gluten issue then could being celiac cause issues of development in puberty, such as facial structure, that continue into adulthood such as that what I described?

Thanks for you help :) and sorry for the essay.

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