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Could I have Celiac disease?

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I've been Ill for over 10 years now, I've tried a lot of diets but keep getting ill. 

I've read the celiac disease symptoms and seem to have them all. Recent symptoms I now have for 1.5 years are white canker sores/ulcers on my tongue, at the same time that I developed these I became very cold all of the time, esp my hands and feet, even in summer. And I went very white looking/anemic, getting dizzy and gum receding, tooth pains. Also lung pain, any type of smoke, vehicle fumes, cooking, pollution gives me chest pain and bad head.

I saw a doctor and tests showed I had low b12 and Low thyroid. I also had a biopsy on my worst tongue sore to make sure it wasn't cancer and it came back negative.

My tolerance to exercise has become quite low, and I get very Ill if I train too hard or too long. When I get ill I get stomach bloating, liver/gall bladder area pains, muscle cramp pains, all of my bones ache, bad headache, sickness, exhaustion, just sleep for days unable to eat anything. Smells make me sick, perfume, cooking, bleach, anything that smells really make my lungs hurt and I become confused and disorientated.

I quit grains for a while but was eating a lot of potatoes, my stomach issues became a lot better for it but I don't think the potatoes agreed with me after a while. Although all the pain/bad bones, sickness and low exercise tolerance improved a lot. I became very thin and tongue ulcers bad.

I've went very I'll about a week ago and haven't eaten any grains since then, I've read that if I want to be tested for celiac that I would need to eat wheat for 6 weeks prior. 

Do I need to be tested or could I just try a grain and potato free diet to see if it helps?

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

I'm sorry you have been sick for so long.....One of the problems with celiac is that a lot of the symptoms are vague and can be attributed to many other illnesses.  

As for getting tested, I would.  When you go on a gluten free diet AND have celiac, all of the tests become normal.  SO, if you are on a real gluten free diet and do all of the testing, the tests will be normal if you have the disease or not. So, then you will always be wondering......

The thing is that a gluten free diet if you have celiac is a lot different than the fad gluten-free diet. In reality, you have to read EVERY label of everything you put in your mouth including tooth paste, mouth wash, gum. You can't just eat at a party (due to cross contamination or not being able to read labels) and you can't eat in most restaurants. It is very socially isolating.  

Don't commit yourself to the strict celiac diet unless you really need to....

I hope you find the answer!

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