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Gluten free formula to travel with?

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Hi all,

this is my first time I post here.

I have celiac disease and was recently diagnosed with other allergies and that's for eggs and dairy protein (casein).

I am so sensitive to gluten that I can not eat gluten free oats or can take products where the gluten has been taken out (for example gluten free beer).

Unfortunately I am intollerant to millet and buckwheat which makes it difficult to buy substitutes.

I am ok where I live but travelling is very difficult for me as it's hard to take in carbs.

I know this is a long shot... but my question is does anyone know of some gluten free formula, like a nutricious porridge (but not oats), that is specially designed for 'us'?

Something easy on the go, to mix with water for example.

That would be very helpful and improve my life quality.

Thanks in advance.


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Can you do rice?  I know I have seen microwave rice cups.  You could eat some nuts or Peanut butter with it?  I think you could go to your local Whole Foods or "natural" grocery store and see what you can find.



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