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DGP IGG 100% selective?

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Hi All,

After positive TTG IGA but negative biopsy, I had the remaining celiac blood panel run at the recommendation of several on this forum. Now, my total blood results are:

TTG IGA - positive (3X normal range)

IGA serum - normal

EMA - negative

DGP IGG- positive (4X normal range)

DGP IGA -negative


I have read in a few different places online (one of them a research study) that the DGP IGG test is 100% selective - meaning that mine would not be elevated for any other reason than Celiac disease. My doctor still finds my results inconclusive and suggested a small bowel enteroscopy but admitted that it will not necessarily find the damage either (even if it exists). 

What is the consensus on the specificity of the DGP IGG test? Could my antibodies be high for any other reason?


I appreciate everyone's time and advice :)


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With those 2 positives especially at the ranges they are, I can't see it being anything else! 

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 You could try the gluten free diet and see if the antibody levels go down, that would certainly indicate that they were related to gluten in your diet.

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