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  1. Hi All, After positive TTG IGA but negative biopsy, I had the remaining celiac blood panel run at the recommendation of several on this forum. Now, my total blood results are: TTG IGA - positive (3X normal range) IGA serum - normal EMA - negative DGP IGG- positive (4X normal range) DGP IGA -negative I have read in a few different places online (one of them a research study) that the DGP IGG test is 100% selective - meaning that mine would not be elevated for any other reason than Celiac disease. My doctor still finds my results inconclusive and suggested a small bowel enteroscopy but admitted that it will not necessarily find the damage either (even if it exists). What is the consensus on the specificity of the DGP IGG test? Could my antibodies be high for any other reason? I appreciate everyone's time and advice Allison
  2. Thank you all for the replies! I got blood drawn today for the four remaining tests on the celiac panel that were not run last month (I had the EMA run last month as well as the TTG IGA - EMA was negative). I hope that these results will give me a more definitive idea. Thanks again! Allison
  3. Hi All, I have been following this forum since testing positive for Celiac via one blood test a month ago (TTG IGA: 43 (normal range <15). I wanted to confirm my diagnosis via biopsy so I scheduled an endoscopy which I had last week. I just received the biopsy results and they were: no sign of Celiac but evidence of Barrett's Esophagus. I've been reading on this forum since last week how easy it is to miss Celiac via endoscopy and my doctor only took 3 biopsies. I was told by a nurse practioner in the Gastro office that my positive TTG IGA test translated to about a 98% chance that I have Celiac so I find it likely that the biopsies missed the damage. Regarding Barrett's Esophagus, I have burning gastritis pain every day which I could attribute to that but I have many other symptoms that BE would not be causing (stomach cramps, frequent/loose stools, chronic fatigue, night sweats). I am very frustrated that the biopsies did not confirm my diagnosis. Has anyone else had a positive TTG test but negative biopsy? I am planning to go off gluten starting today and see how I feel. If anyone has advice or a similar experience, I would appreciate hearing from you! Thanks! Allison