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  1. Hi there - no I did not go gluten free until after the endoscopy.
  2. Are my numbers considered high positive, in your opinion? Thanks for your response!! Thank you! Seeing as his toothbrush contains gluten, would drinking water before seeing me be better?
  3. Hi Ennis, Thanks for your response. Even if I am getting glutened from kissing my boyfriend and eating out, wouldn't I most likely feel some kind of improvement, seeing as I went from lots of gluten at every meal to trying to eliminate...
  4. Hi All, After mild symptoms like worsening gastritis, stomach cramps and loose/more frequent stools, my blood was tested in late May 2018 (only IGA serum, TTG IGA and EMA). IGA serum was normal, EMA was negative but TTG IGA was positive...
  5. Hi All, After positive TTG IGA but negative biopsy, I had the remaining celiac blood panel run at the recommendation of several on this forum. Now, my total blood results are: TTG IGA - positive (3X normal range) IGA serum...
  6. Thank you all for the replies! I got blood drawn today for the four remaining tests on the celiac panel that were not run last month (I had the EMA run last month as well as the TTG IGA - EMA was negative). I hope that these results will...
  7. Hi All, I have been following this forum since testing positive for Celiac via one blood test a month ago (TTG IGA: 43 (normal range <15). I wanted to confirm my diagnosis via biopsy so I scheduled an endoscopy which I had last week...