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Fast Food Resturants

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I also found that Delimex taquitos are gluten-free. They're a cheap and pretty good too. I bought some at Walmart.

Delimex taquitos??? Are these in Wal-Mart's frozen foods case? deli? :unsure: Quick...where do I look???? Need a Mexican food fix, and these may help. THANKS

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TCA - thanks for posting about the breaded chicken! I could not find them at Publix but I didn't know the brand name. Some guy came on this forum once and asked members to go to their stores and ask for his product so he could get it in the stores. I didn't write down the info at the time (since I was still in testing stage and in denial) and then I could not find the post when I needed it. I am pretty sure what you got was from that guy's company. I'll look for the chicken this weekend! :)

Dx'd with anemia - March 2005

Positive blood tests - Sept. 2005

Positive biopsy - Jan. 2006

Gluten free since 1-23-06

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