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  1. Just be careful to read the labels. Today, I considered buying the McCormick's Chicken Taco seasoning, but when I read the ingredients, that one does list WHEAT. Like others here, I use their products with no problem. Read.
  2. I know where I wanna go for our next vacation! Forget the Grand Canyon. Who needs a bunch of red dirt with a big hole in it....SAFE FRIED CLAMS!! Nothing beats Celiac to help establish real priorities.
  3. I've heard of that study but haven't run across it myself. Kathy Ann, do you or someone else know where I could read more about it? My family and friends are very supportive since my Celiac diagnosis, but that would be an interesting read! Thanks in advance!
  4. YES!!! I had SEVERE pain. It felt like a paint scraper scraping the insides of my guts every time I ate. Ultimately, I learned that I had complete villous atrophy .... severe intestinal damage. I never called an ambulance, but oh my goodness the pain was unbearable.
  5. Antibiotics have always caused debilitating stomach pain for me. The only one I've found that I can tolerate at all is Levaquin and then only if I have food before and after taking it. Fortuantely, Levaquin allows for that, but be aware, not everyone can take Levaquin. It can cause some very wild...
  6. Barely brushing the skin and having pain sounds like nerve damage. Perhaps a nerve entrapped in a small amt of scar tissue. Disclaimer: I'm not in the medical profession. Having had injuries, however, that resulted temporarily in similar pain, that's just what came to my mind. I'd definitely...
  7. Yes, and I am definitely fairly early in the Celiac diagnosis about 4 1/2 mos. I really thought hard about this and even asked the dr. "Ok, so it doesn't work now. It's not going to work any better when you take it out. I'm at 0% either way." And, I really considered that somewhere along in the...
  8. I've been reading this thread with interest, although it doesn't fit my circumstances. I was diagnosed with Celiac in Dec '05. I just had my gallbladder removed earlier this week. I didn't have stones, my gallbladder just didn't function at all...0%. In my case, the Celiac seems to have triggered...
  9. Celiac physical care from a GI Celiac knowledge and emotional support hugely from this board.
  10. I had a severe case of Scarlet Fever as a young child in the mid-60's. GI problems most of my life. Celiac dx Dec. '05. Not sure there would be a correlation, but guess anything is possible.