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  1. I can eat McDonald's fries and never feel any effects, and so far it seems as though I am very sensitive. Our local McD's restaurants don't fry anything in the same grease that they fry the french fries in, so they are safe for us. I do know that I have gone to some NON local McD's restaurants and...
  2. I've been wondering the same thing. I've also been looking at salsa labels and can't seem to find anything that looks suspicious in them. I'm sure someone will be able to tell us why ;-)!!
  3. I'm actually relieved to hear that others have had the same thing. After he made that comment I was thinking that maybe I was on the wrong track here, but I'm pretty sure now that It was caused by celiac. I keep trying to tell myself that there is no way I have this disease, but what I really know...
  4. the dr. I saw claimed he had never seen this kind of pain in the upper part of the stomach from Celiac. He suggested I also check out Porphyria!! I checked it out on the net extensively, but most of my symptoms don't quite fit with that. The "obvious" ones do, but none of the others. Plus my daughters...
  5. Well I ate Ritz Crackers again trying to get a reaction because I had my nerve test scheduled today and I NEVER got to have the test. I had to call the ambulance from the dr's office parking lot because I thought I was dying. The pain in the upper part of my stomach was so unreal that I could barely...