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  1. If they think you have Celiac they should be trying to get you in for a biopsy very soon. If that is the case you may not want to stop eating gluten because you may heal up before the biopsy. I had pain constantly before I was diagnosed with Celiac and I also was diagnosed with diverticulitis, and the pains I used to have are completely gone and I haven't had any of the diverticulitis symptoms since I've gone gluten free. I personally think I only had diveriticulitis symptoms because celiac was irritating my entire system and everything was getting weak. I was also rushed to the ER once after purposely infecting myself with gluten because I had a nurve test coming up and I wanted to initiate symptoms, and those pains were so much different. I was doubled over in pain!! They couldn't find a diagnosis or cause, but the dr. said he thought it was ulsers which I don't buy because I've never had a problem with them before and I just know it was from the crackers I ate. The ER dr. also said if I did have celiac one cracker could initiate pains like that, so I'm now sure that's what it was. Good Luck and I hope you get some answers soon!!
  2. Just Lost It

    Oh I'm so very sorry. I don't even know what to say. Nothing can make up for what has just happened to you. Blood tests will generally not show a positive if you were just eating gluten lightly. Were you previously diagnosed with Celiac?
  3. Actually my allergist tells me that it is very rare for allergies to be outgrown. You are right when you say that they can, but most of the time they get more severe and not disappear. My GI doctor told me a slew of things that the infomational packet he himself handed me conflicted. I have recently aquired a new GI doctor which I hope is better then the last. These are some of the things my GI and my children's PED GI have told me.... *Having two autoimmune difficiency diseases is RARE *If you had not come in with a positive blood test I would have diagnosed you with IBS and sent you on your way *Biopsies in children under 3 are very accurate *If you have severely low B-12 levels (Pernicious Anemia) all you do is have one B-12 shot once a month *You have to be underweight (due to malabsorbtion) to have Celiac (this one gets me the most because I and my mother were overweight and still had malabsorbtion, but for some reason if you don't look anorexic they don't even consider malabsorbtion) *You have to have severe diareah to have celiac (this one was also untrue for us, I NEVER had problems with diarea, just soft stools) *You have to be losing weight due to malabsorbtion to have Celiac (I gained weight dispite being sick all the time) Something definitely needs to be done to dispell these myths and I really think GI doctors need to start being responsible for learning the appropriate facts about Celiac Disease. They should not be giving out false information like this to unsuspecting parents and families.
  4. False positives are pretty much unheard of, but I'm sure it's happened before. I'm also sure that it's more then extremely rare, and that it's only happened with ignorant(meaning uninformed or uneducated) doctors.
  5. I know it's dangerous to have this kind of thinking, but if jimbo006 is set on thinking he is cured then I think the only advice we can give is to have jimbo006 be closely monitored by a doctor. If you are determined to eat gluten again the "safest" way to do that is under a doctors supervision. You will need routine blood tests and probably biopsies every few months for at least a couple of years. Nothing may show up, but in order to make sure you are trying your best to stay healthy you owe it to yourself to at least keep testing in an attempt to see if your body is reacting. Sure this method isn't as safe as being gluten free, but it's sure better then just giving up a gluten free lifestyle and saying "I think I might be cured". Good Luck to you and I really hope you are right in your belief that you were misdiagnosed
  6. I second this one. I have Narcolepsy and can't function without my meds. I suspect you have a different form of a sleep disorder, maybe even restless leg syndrome, you should definitely do a sleep study either way just to rule it out at this point. Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon!!
  7. Yup definitely. I used to taste things one day and the next day I couldn't taste anything. I used to be so disappointed when I craved something forever and then when I finally ate it I couldn't taste it. Now things taste so much better to me. I can smell better too lol!! I don't dislike anything I used to like, unless it tastes different. I do not like any of the gluten-free cookies that I have tried so far. I tried the vanilla sandwich cream ones and they were so sweet I almost barfed, and I LOVE sweats, but something about them was just not the same. I also tried some animal cookies the other day which were ok, but still very sweet. It's almost like they sugar them up to try to make up for changing the flour lol!!
  8. "I don't understand the sense of entitlement about eating in restaurants. It's a place of business, not a public park. If you think it's unfair to be barred from bringing your own food in, is the "No shirt, no shoes, no service" policy out of line?" I don't think anyone here has a sense of entitlement about eating in a resteraunt. I think we just want the same rights and consideration that anyone else gets. Resteraunt food is suppose to be SAFE for everyone not just for the majority of people who go there. All I want is to order fruit without having to tell them to keep it away from bread and not put it on a surface that bread is on and I should NEVER have to tell anyone to wash my dishes for goodness sake. They should be washed after EVERY SINGLE use no matter what. I know I can't have certain foods, and I even know I can't have things on the grill unless they clean it, but I should not have to send something back because I told them not to cook my food with bread and then bread comes on my plate. COME on now resteraunts should be a little safer then that, so If I have to tell them I might throw up on the plate to get them to understand how serious the NO BREAD on my plate is then I will do just that. Sure I can chose not to eat there, but again I shouldn't have to they are in the business of serving me and they should be held accountable for making sure my food is sanitary. If they mix my salad in the same dish that they mixed the last salad in without washing the dish first then that is UNSANITARY, and they should be held accountable. I would never bring food into a resteraunt who had proven to me that they could be safe with my food, so I would never disrespect a resteraunt that respects me and my illness.
  9. I was going to say the same your B-12 is low, you need a second opinion on the B-12. I'm not real familiar with the thyroid issue, but I feel like I will be very soon. My Mom just tested positive for Celiac and she's had thyroid issues for years, so I'm just praying I don't have thyroid issues too.
  10. "The restaurant has the legal right to refuse service to anyone for any reason." This is a little broad and in the current context incorrect. A resteraunt does not have the right to refuse service to people based on color, race, disability or anything similar, so they do not actually have the right to refuse service to ANYONE for ANY reason. They do have some limitations just like any other business has.
  11. I don't actually think that we deserve special accommodation for having Celiac. I guess my point is that we deserve the SAME accommodations that everyone else who goes into the resteraunt gets. If a customer goes in it's the resteraunts job to please the customer and "most" resteraunts will cater to what you want. They will make your hamburger medium, well, or rare if you'd like. You can have it with or without the condiments you like. You can have your veggies steamed, fried, or microwaved if you want. You can add butter, sour cream and other things, well I just really want the same respect. It's also the resteraunts responsibility to make sure food is safe and sanitary, so that (to me) means they are responsible for making sure the food EVERYONE eats is safe. If you ask not to have nuts I think it's the resteraunts responsibility to make sure what you eat does not have nuts even if they have a sign that says allergens may be present. Sure I can chose not to eat there but I shouldn't have to, because the foods without nuts should be safe unless the resteraunt is being careless and unsanitary which is against the law. I realize resteraunts have a lot of responsability, but I am in the day care business and I serve food all the time, but day care is my business and not food service, but it's my responsibility to make sure that no one gets allergens in their food, so why are resteraunts not held to the same standard? Yah parents can also chose not to come to our day care, but they can also Sue us if we serve something and their child gets sick. How is that acceptable? They can also Sue us if we turn them away if their child has a food allergy because that's discrimination (even though it would be a huge risk for us). I don't actually consider Celiac to be a disability for me (yet), but I know it can be disabling. I am still having major medical issues that we can't figure out, and It's very hard for me to walk sometimes let alone cook, so I feel that there are others out there that are disabled because of the effects of Celiac. I also wanted to say that I do respect the opinion of others that it may be rude to get your own food out at a resteraunt. It probably is a little rude, but I also feel like it's the responsibility of all resteraunts to offer some foods that are safe for everyone (that's just my opinion though and I don't expect anyone else to agree).
  12. You are right in all of this I wasn't trying to compare anything actually just trying to show that things aren't as simple as just banning people from bringing food in. There are things to consider on both sides, but it's frustrating either way. I think if I come in and order a salad and the resteraunt does not have a safe salad dressing then I should be allowed to bring my own (that's just my opinion though). The other thing is that most public places allow seeing eye dogs for obvious reasons so if we have a medical issue that prevents us from eating the food a resteraunt offers then why are we not given the same courtesy? I know again we're kind of comparing apples to oranges, but I'd rather have one person at a table of 2 or more bring in their own food then to see a seeing eye dog sitting at the table next to me. There are lots of things to consider and yes lots of people have to give up lots of things but my point is if a resteraunt wants my family's business they will allow us to bring food in under medical circumstances (if they won't or can't allow me to then we'll go down the street to someone who will).
  13. I am also capable of acting like a mature adult that's why I chose not to judge others just because they do not believe the same way that I do. You have every right to think I'm rude if I walk into a resteraunt with food, just like I have every right to think it's not rude in the least. I also have many freedoms in America and there are no laws around here that prevent me from walking into a resteraunt with food, so I guess this one is a matter of opinion.
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