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Dairy and DH

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I have DH and have it under control. I am trying to expand my diet after limiting it as I got in control of my celiac/DH.

Whenever I have tried re-introducing dairy I seem to have had an outbreak of DH. (If it wasn't DH it was something similar ... but I do admit there's a possibility it was some different reaction.)

I've been wondering whether my reaction to dairy is due to the amount of iodine I was consuming (I'd drink a bunch of dairy and have other iodine-rich foods ... I wasn't aware of the connection back then) or something specific to the dairy (maybe the casein?).

Anybody have any insight into this? I want to try dairy again, but fear breaking out in DH again.

Related question: is there a form of dairy that tends to be "easier" on the system of people with DH? For example, would I be better off trying goat milk or something like that?

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Many people who are sensitive to cow's milk (casein), can tolerate sheep's or goat's milk. I am included in this. After I was first diagnosed I could not eat any diary for about two years, but could have sheep and goat milk. After a couple of years being gluten-free I could again consume cow's milk.

Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

Founder Celiac.com

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