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11 year old grandson

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 I am new to this here and am looking for help

if anyone knows about this please help thank you

Does anyone know or have had a problem with a child just going number 2 (supposedly with no stopping it) in there pants uncontrollaby my 11 year old grandson was diagnosed with celiac disease when he was 1 1/2 years old he was potty trained at an early age but now with him going #2 in his pants at 11 years old his parents are blaming it on celiac disease saying kids his age with celiac disease do this all the time. but I believe he is lazy and doesnt want to stop playing video games and just stopping to go to the bathroom when needed  they blame it on celiac disease. I need help with a salution,

please am i wrong does he need help or do i need more understanding of this disease  

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You may very well be correct in your assessment but it sounds like his parents are not open to the idea. That's a very touchy situation as you don't want to get pushy and alienate his parents. In the end, you are not his parents and have no control over the situation. Sounds like you have breached the idea with his parents and that is about all you can do. Sounds like another issue could be the boy developing and addiction to video games which is a major problem in our culture.

It also could be that as he gets into his teen years and friends/social relationships become so very important, he will quickly learn that pooping in his breeches is not going to go over well with his friends.

Edit: But another major issue here is how committed the boy and his parents are to ensuring your grandson does not consume gluten. If he was truly practicing a gluten free diet, he should not be experiencing frequent diarrhea. I'm making an assumption here because you did not actually say that his pooping is of a diarrhea nature.

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In my opinion the only way to blame this on celiac disease would be if it were untreated--in other words he may be cheating on his diet, or (and I don't know this and am just speculating here), maybe his parents are not properly administering/controlling his gluten-free diet.

As a grandparent I do think it would be fair for you to ask his parents whether his diet is 100% gluten-free? Given how badly this disease might affect his future health, and might be causing this very bad situation, it seems reasonable for you to be concerned about his celiac disease treatment.

Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

Founder Celiac.com

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