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Question About Tortillas...

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I think I have posted my tortilla recipe before, but here it is again. These are by far the best tortillas I have ever had - gluten-free or not!! They take a little work and patience, but if you've got a little over an hour to spend you should be able to get about 16 large tortillas out of the recipe. They freeze well. I usually put 8 in a gallon zip lock in the fridge and the other 8 in a zip lock in the freezer then when we're down to our last in the fridge I throw the ones from the freezer into the fridge. They are great for sandwich wraps, roll-ups, burritos, quesidillas and even little individual pizzas! Sooooo good. I hope you try them!

CHEBE Tortillas:

1 package Chebe Pizza Mix

1 package Chebe bread stick mix

4 Tablespoons of Flax Meal

4 Tablespoons Pamela

Daughter, Camryn diagnosed with diabetes 3/06

diagnosed with celiac (blood test and biosy confirmed) 5/06

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