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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Upper Gi And Colonoscopy/depression

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I went to my regular practioner today and she thinks that I should go through with both of these tests to rule anything else out. She said to have them done without eating wheat, because I am still having problems.

Heartburn and mainly IBS+C symptoms. I feel like I have something wrong with my stomach all the time. It is SO frustrating. I have been really down about it all. I have had a tremendous amount of stress over the past 7 years with my kids health and now my own. THe doctor thinks that I am stressed and that is why I am having IBS symptoms. She says she has seen LExapro and antidepressants help people with IBS. I know that my major symptoms of IBS started when I was majorly stressed over my son's health, but he is better and I am not better. I am better for a day and then sick again. I am a stay at home mom of three boys under 7 and I homeschool. My husband is a resident and studies all the time. I know I have stress in my life, but I am just wondering if anyone else here has internalyzed there stress and it has made them sick and if anyone has gotten better with antidepressants.

I hate taking drugs and like to think I am in control of my life. I really just think I need to change some things in my life to help with the stress. But if my serotonin levels are low and that is why I am having stomach problems, then I want to take whatever will help me. I am very frustrated to say the least! I am not sitting around in bed all day and I keep my house ok with the kids. Basically I am up and down. I will be ok for a week maybe and then I am sick again. I never know what my stomach is going to be doing. Now I believe I am becoming somewhat depressed by my stomach issues. We are moving in three weeks for a year and then back again.

I had borderline blood tests for celiac after being gluten free for two months. Gluten seems to make me sick and I feel I could never tolerate eating it for 3 months, because I get even sicker. Every 2-3 months though when I still feel rotten anyway, I test myself to see what it does and then I am even sicker.

Thanks for listening. This really doesn't cover my topic line. Sorry for going on and on.


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I have been gluten-free for five months. If I look over my life, I see that at times of great stress, I was very ill. Once I was so sick with stomach problems almost 20 years ago that I couldn't even get a job (before kids). So, I think stress can make it worse.

I take St. John's Wort for depression. I get it mildly, and this helps.

I home schooled for 10 years, so I understand all home schooling involves. One of the biggest issues for me was all of us being home together all day every day. If you can, try to get out of the house each day for a short time. We used to have "Starbucks school" one day per week. We'd take all the books to Starbucks, get everyone a drink (kids drinks are $1, I got them one when we got there and another when they got a certain amount of work done), and do our school work. I would joke that Starbucks was cheaper than a shrink. I'm sure you're probably involved in a home school group, if not, find one for support. Also, arrange for "date night" even if it means putting the kids together and watching a movie at home. These were tricks I used to handle the stress of home schooling.

Don't feel guilty if you're not healthy enough to continue home schooling. After 10 years, I had to quit. I emotionally could not take it anymore and knew I could be a better mom if they went to school. I think my emotional low had a lot to do with my undiagnosed gluten problem! There is life after home schooling, even though you feel like you are going against all the reasons you did it to begin with. I'm not trying to talk you out of it; I still love the idea of it. I just don't want you to feel like you have to do it all or your kids won't turn out! :P Mine are fine! My oldest is graduating 7th in her class Sunday ... she was home schooled through her sophomore year. She's been a straight A student in public school.

As far as the gluten, it sounds like you probably have an intolerance to it judging by what you say. You could get tested by Enterolab if you want to know for sure and don't want to do the gluten challenge. I don't know what blood tests you had, but there are a lot of people on this board who could tell you if they represent a gluten sensitivity or not. IMHO, if it shows up in the blood, depending on what they tested for, then you clearly are sensitive. It just doesn't seem normal to have antibodies against something we eat all the time! Why wait until there's damage to the intestine? We don't wait till someone has a heart attack to treat their high blood pressure! <_<

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Thanks CarlaB, That is how I am with homeschooling. I love the idea and I love it alot of the time, but being with my kids all day sometimes makes me feel like I have no mission in life. I get up, make breakfast, cook, clean, teach, etc. I love how it has been for our family. I don't want it to sound as if I am depressed all the time. It really is something I think I have internalyzed and worried myself sick. I am poor at making decisions. I actually exercise everyday. There are alot of things positive I do, but my husband is busy and we haven't had date night. I didn't join a support group this year, which has definitely contributed to my struggles, because I feel so alone in what I am doing and I lost friends this year by choosing to homeschool. Plus having celiac for a year has been a hard adjustment.

The starbucks thing sounds like fun. We have had fun and I am so happy I did it this year, because I feel as if my kids are best friends and he learned alot of practical stuff.

We are moving in three weeks too for a year, so I think this actually might be what I need. I will at least have my family when we move.

I really only want the biopsy to see where I am at and if I have something else going on. I really feel it is celiac, but that something else in my diet bothers me. I haven't been able to figure that out yet. Sometimes I think I have figured it out and then I haven't. If I eat wheat I have D, otherwise no D ever!

I think that being gluttened, etc. brings on the cycles of being down for me. I can be fine and happy, optimistic and then it comes out of no where.

I was thinking of doing the St. John's wort, but I have heard that the SSRI's have helped people with IBS even without depression. I have had stress, but at this point my stomach is what is causing my stress. It is a vicious cycle.

I think you did awesome for homeschooling for ten years! My problem is I love my kids and love what I do and don't want to trade it for the world, but need to find outlets to manage. I need to find girlfriends that are homeschooling and supportive of it and my husband and I need time to go out.

THanks for sharing your experience.


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