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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else has had an abnormally high cortisol level on blood work? Mine was high prior to diagnosis of celiac (August 2005), and as of this week, it's STILL too high! I feel 100x better than I did in August, my only concerns now are that I haven't put any weight back on, I'm still drinking entirely too much water (the endocrinologist wants me to get a CT scan of my tummy to see if that shows anything:-(), and some minor complaints with gas. I've had my thyroid checked and the blood work's come back normal for that. Any ideas/stories to share?


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Did he test for Cushing's syndrome?

What test(s) would have tested for Cushing's? I know my endo had spoken about it, but I don't have the most obvious symptom-- weight gain. But now looking on WebMD, I do have some of the other symptoms...

# Weight gain-- NO

# Skin changes.

- These include thin, fragile skin that bruises easily (yes); slow-healing wounds (yes); wide, purplish stretch marks on the body (striae) (NO); acne (yes); or a ruddy complexion (yes)

# Changes in mental state. Irritability, anxiety, inability to sleep (insomnia), or feelings of sadness or depression may develop. (a little)

# Muscle and bone weakness. Symptoms may include backache; broken bones, especially the ribs and spine (caused by osteoporosis); or loss of muscle tone and strength. Weakness of the muscles in the arms and legs may make it difficult to rise from a chair or climb stairs. (a little, much better since I've been gluten-free though)

# Sex hormone changes. Menstrual irregularity (yes), facial hair growth in women, erection problems (erectile dysfunction), or loss of sex drive may occur.

# High blood pressure and diabetes. High blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes may not be diagnosed until you have a checkup. (I've got low BP!)

The blood work I've had:

- Glucose, BUN, CREAT, NA, K, CL, CO2, CA, Cortisol, DHEA Sulfate, FSH, Free T4, Homocysteine, LH, Urine osmolality, Prolactin, Testosterone, TSH, Urinalysis, Vitamin B12 serum, ACTH, Arginine Vasopressin, Osmolality serum.

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My endocrinologist called me back the other day. Based on the results of the 24 hour urine test, MRI (brain), and CT scan (abdomen), she doesn't see any obvious signs of Cushing's. She did, however, send all my test results and what not to I believe the National Institute of Health in MD to see if they have any ideas. So I guess I'm just a medical mystery, haha.

If anything's ever figured out, I'll let you know!

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