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ELISA/ACT is different from Elisa or IgG testing.  It tests lymphocyte response.


 I am one of those who can tell when some foods are causing reactions.  I’ve tried IgG4 testing and found the positive results are usually spot-on, while the negative results can sometimes mean I have just avoided that food recently.  However, I wonder what anyone here can tell me about their experiences with lymphocyte response assay (LRA by ELISA/ACT) tests?



I cannot do the elimination diet test because I have a family to cook for,  but I have kept a journal of food and other daily inputs, symptoms, weather, sleep, etc. for over 10 years.  It is still nearly impossible to pinpoint most foods (or more likely combinations of foods) that cause my delayed symptoms.


You are responding to a post from 2006. It might be best for you to start a new topic and pose your question.

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    Chances are if you have lumps on your body for years and the Dr. isn't concerned they're probably not lymph nodes. Chronically swollen lymph nodes would be something every Dr. would be concerned with.  Chances are you just have cysts ...
    It's different  for everyone, it can be a month or maybe a year. Most probably within a few months. This is assuming the symptoms are in fact related to gluten, which they may not be. 
    Hi Laura I'm so pleased you found answers.  This is very encouraging.  Seven years on from my own diagnosis I wish I could have some vitamin and mineral screening, I'm sure I'm still deficient. Cristiana