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  1. Thanks, Jen R, for letting us know of your experience. I finally got my doctor to order the test kit in March. $1000 is what it cost if my doctor ordered it; I hadn't realized how much money that would save me. Insurance wouldn't cover any of it, but saving that $700 by not ordering the test kit...
  2. I read an old thread on this topic, but many responders did not understand that ELISA/ACT is different from other blood tests for delayed food sensitivities. This is a specific type of testing for delayed (food and other) allergies that supposedly is more accurate, with fewer false positives...
  3. I will try a new post, but was hoping to get the attention of people who might have been following this post because this discussion is related to my question.
  4. RNRN, did you ever have the ELISA/ACT testing done? I, too have been searching for some of the people the local lab tells me are constantly coming by with the kits for this test. I test negative for IgE (immediate reaction) to all 80+ foods I've had regular blood tests for every couple of years...
  5. ELISA/ACT is different from Elisa or IgG testing. It tests lymphocyte response. I am one of those who can tell when some foods are causing reactions. I’ve tried IgG4 testing and found the positive results are usually spot-on, while the negative results can sometimes mean I have just avoided t...