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Found A Good Dr!

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Hi I finally found a good dr's! Its huron gastro in ann arbor, mi on st. joseph's campus, right behind EMU. Its a whole center for digestive care. I went there for the first time yesterday, and the drs were very nice. The dr I saw talked to me for quite a while (at least an hour i think) and agreed to test me for celiacs (my sister had tested positive for it, and i know i feel better not eating gluten) im also scheduled for a scope/barium enema there soon. i felt like they actually cared and werent blowing me off, and didnt even push medicine on me at all (now theres a suprise!) my boss and her daughter also go there, and said they love it there too. if anyone needs address or number or anything, let me know!

I'm just trying to feel better!

Lisa, 20, Michigan

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