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Crete And Rhodes This Summer

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Am planning to relocate to Crete or Rhodes this Summer. I'm concerned about the linguistics and the problems sourcing substitute ingredients, not to mention finding myself carb free for four months!

I have every intention of taking in five or six kilos of sealed buckwheat and some alternate options so that I can cook for myself.

1. Got various medical letters from my Doctor's stating that I control my IBS and Coeliac with buckwheat flour.

2. The Greek Consul whom I know has agreed to officially process the supporting documents and sign them

3. I will be taking in translated copies of above documents and my prescriptions.

I'm working on locating and making a series of "shopping cards" with all the good and bad ingredients that I check for as it is. These I'll take with me when picking up groceries or going out for a meal and placing an order.

Does anyone else have better ideas or suggestions to make?



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Most meats and fish are marinated in lemon, olive oil and oregano. But you really need to stress with them NO BREAD. Greeks love bread! The cuisine is quite simple. I can't imagine why you can't enjoy a shish ka bob (souvlaki). Most meats are grilled which is good. You can make quite a nice meal out of a greek salad (no bread). Perhaps you can even ask them to put your fish in tin foil before putting it on the grill. There are health stores that may carry treats but you need to do your research first. Can you email some of the hotel restaurants and see their responses. I find hotel restaurants often useful.

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