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The Histamine Connection

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I agree with what your practitioner is saying about the liver. This is what my Dr.'s tell me as well....that my livers ability to detoxify is impaired due to an over abundance of toxins.

I never had Hepatitis or any kind of liver disease but I suddenly got too many toxins for my body to cope with...histamines became a problem...as well as sulfur and other things. My detox pathways arent functioning as they should be. :(

They've started me on detox and chelation....but we are moving very slowly and cautiously with this since my liver and kidneys are stressed.

One of my doctors also mentioned the castor oil to me. She said it would help me with toxins and other things but she also said it can be very messy....stain clothes, etc :huh:

I havent tried it because of the "mess factor" she mentioned. :unsure:

Do you find the castor oil is helping alot??

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