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Gall Bladder Symptoms

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...going strictly gluten-free will restore function according to the findings in this study.


I had my gallbaldder out in 2000 because my HIDA scan showed it wasn't functioning ...wasn't diagnosed with Celiac until last year. If I'd known, I could have avoided the pain of surgery, risk to my body and saved lots of $$$.

Perhaps usually this holds true, but I can vouch for not always. 6+ mos strictly gluten free and the scan showed my gallbladder functioned at 0%, no stones, but zip, zero, nada function. Despite a very low-fat diet of almost exclusively rice, baked chicken and some fruit, pretty much daily I had severe, sharp pain & would break out in a cold sweat; I was almost always nauseaous. My MD, GI, and surgeon agreed my gb had to go. I gave in to the surgery and have never looked back!

Not pushing anyone toward surgery, ESPECIALLY if there's no diagnosis, but when necessary it's the best thing since Kinnickinnick (to quote someone else).

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