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Really, Really Foul Breath Post-glutening?

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i had bad breath and bad taste in mouth for over 5 years. I went to two different dentists they said noting wrong with my teeth. So I decided to go to ENT ,but they found noting. So now I recently got allergy testing done and found out that I am allergic to wheat. I think my intensional been badly damaged over 5 years because all I ate was mostly. Wheat. Now i will try to go gluten free I really hope this helps me. I been thru a lot in my life. People cover their nose while talking to me and I don’t like going out with no one just my wife she is here to support me. I pushed all my friends away. They always in directly talk about my bad breath to each other and I know they talk about me. I pray to god this helps me.

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On 7/13/2008 at 8:56 PM, Shelly D. said:

I came to this site to see if inhaling flour could make me feel bad- I'm new to this celiac thing but feeling better- and this topic jumped out at me. My mother, myself and my son have always had terrible breath. I had my tonsils out and that seemed to help but when my son had his out it didn't help him at all. Even the breath from his nose smells really bad. In the few days since I've been diagnosed I've seen so many symptoms in my son and this is just another confirmation to me that he has celiac disease also. I wish we'd figured this out when he was little instead of now. Do those of you that have noticed this phenomenon also notice a unique, maple-y sort of urine-y smell to body odor also?

Wow! I have noticed this unique body odor as well and thought I was the only one experiencing it!

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