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Gluten Free Poptarts

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what about adding nutella for a chocolate center

peanut free Nov 06, gluten free June 07, corn and soy free July 08, latex free Oct 08 Banana and kiwi cross reacting with latex allergy

happily vegetarian

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"Mmmmm.... blueberry frosted pop tart!"

OMG, I would love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went gluten-free 4-1-09 after years of being sick suggested by a fluke visit to a new chiropractor

I had been sick since I was little but no one ever knew why.




Miscarriages and lost my third child to stillbirth

Liver and Spleen problems

Lactose Intolerance


hair loss


Foggy Brain

Joint pain-diagnosed with Fibromylagia

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I just made the fruit tarts from the back of the Chebe cinnamon rolls mix. I used blueberry and strawberry preserves and they turned out pretty good. I know a few things i will change next time. I will probably try using a regular pie crust because these are very cinnamon-ie. They taste good but it takes away from the fruit taste. I also will roll the dough out more (which means finding a way to make the dough stay together and not stick to me or the wax paper) because I cooked them for the right amount of time and the cust was a little gummy in the middle. All in all I give it a B+ and can't wait to try again. Any tips are always welcome!

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Yummy... Brown Sugar ones were MY favorite too!

Kbabe... here's a recipe that I got from someone on here. I'm not good at the search thing so I'm just going to copy what was written... If this is SOMEONE'S recipe, speak up!

"The best gluten-free crust recipe I found that actually compares well with a normal pie crust is the Vinegar Pastry (revised) from th Gluten Free Gourmet by Bette Hagman, with my version of the instructions below.

1 c. white rice flour (I recomment the fine kind you get at Asian markets)

3/4 c. tapioca flour

3/4 c. cornstarch

Note: you could probably substitute a commercial gluten-free flour mix for the above

1 rounded teaspoon xanthan gum (check to see if this is included in your mix)

3/4 t. salt

1 T. sugar

Mix all the dry ingredients above in a medium bowl. Cut in with a pastry blender: 3/4 c. shortening until crumbs are like rice in size, maybe a little smaller.

Mix together:

1 egg lightly beaten

1 T. vinegar

Add these to the flour/shortening until blended. Then sprinkle in, 1 T at a time, 2-3 T. ice water. It may take mlre or less. The goal is to add just enough that you can gather the dough in a ball that doesn't break apart into dry crumbs and isn't wet and slimy. After adding 2 or 3 T., gather the dough with your hands and decide if it needs more. It's aok to squeeze it a little. When all the dry crumbs are incorporated, you're done. Divide it in two and wrap each in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 30 min to firm it up. When ready to use, roll each outo between two pieces of wax paper or plastic wrap dusted with gluten-free flour. Peel off the top sheet, lay your pie pan on the dough, upside down and centered, then put your hand underneath and flip it over so the dough is in the pan. Pat it into place, then peel off the plastic. Now you can shape the edge and follow your recipe for the filling of choice If you're going to prebake it, use 450 degrees for 10-12 minutes. You can also freeze the balls of dough and thaw them later - they still work fine.

(Cheri's notes ~ I even subbed for egg (1 1/2T water, 1 1/2T oil, 1 tsp. baking powder). I was thinking of cutting it into rounds and then using my PC sandwich thingie to crimp it together for pop tarts.

This recipe is in my revised edition of this cookbook. I made the crust for a pumpkin pie and we loved it. I decided to make it into pop-tarts today. They turned out really good. I roll my dough between sheets of parchment and it seems to do better. I made cinnamon/sugar, strawberry and blackberry. I made a powdered surgar glaze to drizzle over. We tried the cinnamon/sugar ones and they were so yummy. The boys want to take one for snack at school tomorrow.

Celiac disease(positive blood work/biopsy- 10/2008), gluten free oat intolerent, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis/Disease, Raynaud's Disease

DS2(age 9):
celiac disease(positive IgA tTG, no biopsy- 11/2010)

DS1(age 13):
repeated negative bloodwork and negative EGD/biopsy. Started on a gluten free trial(8/2011). He has decided to stay gluten free due to all of the improvements he has experienced on the diet.

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