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Vitamin E And Tocopherols

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Does anyone know if Vitamin E / tocopherols still contain gluten after they have been processed if they are from wheat?

I know that Vitamin E can also be derived from soy and other sources, but I have been trying to research whether this is a safe ingredient, or if it's necessary to acertain the source (very difficult, I'm finding). For instance, I just called a company who told me they were gluten-free, but I noticed that several of their products contain Vitamin E. When I questioned them, I was told that the "processing" removes it, and what's left is pure Vitamin E oil.

I tend to be extremely sensitive to microscopic amounts of gluten, even in my skin care. Maybe it's just me, but I simply can't apply something all over my face with my fingers--and then not get a trace of it into my mouth. All the "good stuff" seems to contain Vitamin E, so it's hard to avoid.

If there are any chemists lurking, I'd love to hear your opinion ;)

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Many of the Nature Made vitamins are gluten free. They even label them Gluten Free on the label.

They do list their Advanced E as gluten free


See the following statement..


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Thanks Patti.

You worded it perfectly.

This has been my question for so long.................and you KNOW I still don't have an answer.

Remember the 'go round' with the Bert's Bees products. :blink:

Your right-- I hope a chemist can come on.

I sure know we are hitting dead ends constantly.

I know most products use it...and if I can find a gluten-free product with out it...that's what I get.

Thanks for posting.


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