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Was She Glutened?

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My dd went gluten-free about a month ago and has gotten progressively better and had been symptom free the past week or two. Sunday we went to Whole Foods and she had one slice of Golden Farms german salami. There were no 'gluten' ingredients on the label. An hour or 2 later, her belly swelled up (she is thin, so it was easy to see how bloated she was), and she complained of a stomach ache. She had a stomach ache and headache yesterday, and still has a stomach ache today. I have called Whole Foods and am trying to see if there is hidden gluten, but so far no response, and I can't find a web site for Golden Farms brands.

Does anyone know if this salami is gluten-free? The only other foods she had that day were things from home that she has had before.



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