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The 2007 Silly Yaks gluten-free Candy List Is Out!

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I got this in my email today. I am so happy! We live and die by this list at Halloween!

The 2007 gluten-free Candy List is now ready to share with everyone. It is a 32 page pdf file and is posted on my SillyYaks yahoo site (www.groups.yahoo.com/group/SillyYaks). All members have access to it. You can request to join by visiting the site or sending an email to: SillyYaks-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Once your membership is approved, a copy of the list will automatically be emailed to you. I prefer you join so you can get the list. You are always welcome to unsubscribe right away after you recieve the list. (This helps save me a tremendous amount of time so that I am not emailing everyone individually with the list). I literally get hundreds of requests for this each year. Again, I'm not complaining, but it does take time and patience on my part and on the part of those who request the list. Several websites ask me if they can post it to their sites and that is fine with me.

Enjoy and happy trick or treating this year!



Dx 8/05 via bloodwork and biopsy (total villous atrophy)

13-year old son Dx 11/05 via bloodwork and biopsy

Daughters (16 and 5) have tested negative via bloodwork

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